Gadget Grab Tablet and Smartphone Stand Giveaway #AsSeenOnTV

Giveaway time! Let me give you details first! Are you all like we are here, tablet here, laptop there, constant use of the phone. How about my YouTube subscribers, do you want to be hands free when recording? Well the answer to that is “Gadget Grab”, the universal Tablet and Smartphone stand. We use these daily, I use my mobile phone sometimes to watch videos, and I didn’t have a stand for it, but using the Gadget Grab stand made {Read More}

Where Has Time Gone?

I feel like I have been gone all summer, and that is not like me. There are so many things going on in my life. So what have I been up to. Well I believe I mentioned before I am dieting, and that has been interesting. I had some times where I would gain, then lose what I gained, and gain again. Oh my gosh it was getting me frustrated, but I am learning what works for me. So basically {Read More}

Julep In July, I know I’m Late

I know it’s August, but I do have my Julep in July subscription I wanted to share so here it is. It shouldn’t be very long. It’s only 3 colors, amazing colors by the way. The theme for July was The California Coast Collection, and they are very pretty colors. These are gorgeous colors, true sense of summer. I just love them. Here is a swatch of each one, with only one coat. 1. Angela ~ Deep in the ocean. {Read More}

I Feel Like Sharing ~ Monthly Subscriptions Yay!

So I can’t seem to keep up with things sometimes. I get distracted like crazy, something is going on with me. Old age? LOL maybe, anyway, I had recently posted a few videos on YouTube of some subscriptions I am still a member of, so I thought I would quickly share with you. Not in detail, I suppose if you are interested in knowing more, you will watch the video, or follow the links to join yourself. Okay so the {Read More}