Mid Winter

We are half way through winter, and we have had only one big snow fall. I loved it, I know that those that live here, are happy when there isn’t much snow fall, but for me it’s so much fun to see and experience that it would be awesome if it would fall again. I’m not sure how many snow falls I’m going to experience, but I try to enjoy it to the fullest. Coming from California, we didn’t see {Read More}


For the past 2 days I’ve been working on my collective site over at Kiss-Me, and I have been working on upgrading, I think it’s an upgrade from FanUpdate to WordPress, because there are no more updates being made for FanUpdate, and as much as I liked it, and as easy as it was to install. I felt I needed something that has more updates and fixes. So I decided to install WordPress. Everything is going fine, just creating my {Read More}

About A Foot!

That is right, we got about 12-14 inches of snow, it’s my first blizzard *all happy* lol, it’s as amazing as I thought it would be. Fluffy white, of course the more you try to shovel the heavier it gets, but I had a good time! I was exhausted after, but it was fun, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It was my first experience with this much snow, and I was just in awe over a {Read More}

Getting Some Showers

Oh this is nice, a  bit of a change from the warm, but especially the humid weather. Although, according to the morning news, it looks like more is coming grr lol. Yeah I complain about it, I never liked it that much. Some people are not bothered by it, but I am. At least the weather varies, and it’s not like it’s an everyday thing, so that’s a good thing. I texted my sister last night, my sister and her {Read More}

Muggy In July

I have settled in Massachusetts, and am happy, the only thing i’m not thrilled about is the humidity, now while in California, we got humid weather there too. I’m not saying it don’t. I just feel like complaining about it, and maybe it’ll go away lol. Not happening hey? Lol, i didn’t think so. It sucks actually. I don’t think I can find one person that would be happy that it’s humid. I remember when I arrived in London, back {Read More}

Upgraded 2.5.1

Yeah I’m happy to say I have finally upgraded to 2.5.1 and watch tomorrow we’ll have another upgrade haha well you just never know. I’m also happy to say I have renewed hosting here, so she-says.com is going to be around for another two years, unless I sell it to someone else which I intend to because I did mention I wanted to buy another domain. But at least my hosting is in place, and i turned out downgrading my {Read More}