Shop Local, Shop USA!

Go USA! America is trying to keep the jobs here, instead of overseas where people are being paid less than they deserve, but you know what? We deserve the jobs as well! The businesses start here, they should stay here. Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing small mom and pop shops close, because of corporate american and their big businesses taking out the little ones. How many local shops in your area are shut down because they can’t compete. {Read More}

At A Moments Notice

It’s amazing how things can change at a moments notice. When you feel finally you are getting somewhere, then things go to shit! I won’t bore you with my life’s details, but yeah. I had mentioned before I wanted to get a :dog: , but I think I won’t be able to after all. Circumstances have changed, and well I have to change with them. It was really nice thinking about it. I never had my very own dog before, {Read More}