A Bit Of Snow

So last night we had a little bit of snow. I was hoping for more, but I guess a lot of people have gotten tired of all the snow, especially those in Boston that were bombarded with snow. Gosh I’m jealous We were in Boston earlier in the week, actually last week I like hehe. And I took a few shots of how it looked with the snow. Wow I was shocked, but loved looking at it sooo much!! I {Read More}

Happy February!

So according to Punxsutawney Phil has predicted we are going to have an early spring, that must make lots of people happy. I am happy to know this, but in some ways I wanted more snow. We were suppose to get snow today, but nope, only rain, BORING!!! Hehe. So I think I am going to want to start saving up for a deposit for a dog, because I really want one, and come spring it’ll be so much fun {Read More}

Many Changes Going On

There really are changes going on all around us. This past weekend is a perfect example. It was hot and humid and just plain gross haha. I liked the heat, but despised the humidity, thank goodness for air conditioning hehe. I can’t help but complain enough about the humidity. Anyway and look at today, a beautiful day, weather is perfect, i cannot complain, and i don’t need the air conditioning on either. This weather would of been nice over the {Read More}

No More Flash Forward?

Today it’s cloudy and cold, it’s funny how the weather changes from one extreme to the other overnight. It’s a nice break from hot weather though. Next couple of days should be sunny and warm. I am not quite ready for the hot and humid weather to come along. I am a bit bummed out about the Boston Bruins, they almost made it to the play offs! I’m proud of them to have made it as far as they did, {Read More}

Just Out Of It

Today I find myself just staring out the window, rather than getting busy doing my eBay thing. In about 2 hours we (William and myself) are going to his sisters house. As William made a date to babysit their 3 kids, adorable kids at that. Anyway, I’m sure by the time we get home, the will be shattered, those kids take a lot out of him. Mostly the oldest RJ gosh he hangs all over William like a cute little {Read More}

Lovely Sunny Days

That is what I am hoping for plenty of lovely sunny days, with that a change of theme. Now once summer comes it’ll be brutal, well for me anyway. I love the summer, but I don’t like the humidity it brings with it, especially out here. Now that may only last for a month, but it’s horrible, I am so irritated, and annoyed on those days, I feel so sorry for William, “Hey William I promised to handle it better {Read More}

Did You Get Pranked Yet?!

Happy April Fool’s Day, now I would like very much to pull a prank on someone, but I don’t know who, or what to do. So I have to think fast haha!! Did you get pranked yet? I haven’t, I don’t expect to either, I don’t believe anyone has ever pranked me. Ahh well they are too scared to prank me So before I go on, I wanted to wish my good friend Derek a very happy birthday!! I don’t {Read More}