Another Giveaway! Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker Giveaway! #AsSeenOnTV

What? Another giveaway, come on who doesn’t like freebies and giveaways? Raise your hand!! I see all of you raising your hand out there lol. So this time around it is the Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker, and yeah it really does work!! I have tried it out, check out my photos below, and the yummy eggs I made. It is so easy to make too! If you are on the run, don’t have time to really sit down to a breakfast, {Read More}

Are Carnival’s A Scam? Want To Know How To Win??

So I’m sure we all have been to a Carnival or Festival in our lives, and if you haven’t you got the upper hand after reading this post hehe. Anyway for those of you who have attended you know that some of those games at the carnival/festivals are hard to beat, aren’t they? Yeah I have to admit I have tried a few and failed badly, but not because I suck at it, but because those dang games are fixed!! {Read More}

Lotto Mania! How Can You Not Want To Play It?!

Who doesn’t like to play lotto now and then? We definitely do in our household, we even go as far as to buy our yearly number, so we don’t forget to buy it each week, smart hey? I think so, it’s just one of those things you do in the event we forget. Well if you like playing the Lotto, and I know you do And how about them scratcher cards, those are awesome too, I know William has won {Read More}

Super Bowl The #Patriots Are Coming!!

Hell yeah!! The Patriots are on their way to the Super Bowl, the football game of all games, and they are going. I am so proud of them boys, they did such a great job, and played so well as a team. Gosh I almost had tears in my eyes when they won!! WOOHOO!!! I’m incredibly excited to see the game. I can only wish to actually be there with William, it would be a dream of his so much. {Read More}