Hello September! Fall is Almost Here!

Nineteen days until the official first day of Fall! Wow, already so hard to believe. Just today I was looking out the kitchen window into the backyard and I saw a few leaves fall. I turned to William and told him, “I just saw a few leaves fall”. He says “bite your tongue”.  Yeah, I don’t think he is ready for Fall and to be quite honest, I’m not either. We are really enjoying our summer. During our Labor Day {Read More}

Happy Star Wars Day!!

May The Fourth Be With You! Are you a Star Wars fan? We are here in this house. Loved the films, don’t have favorite, but I thought my inner geek would come out for a little while hehe. Today has been a beautiful day! My hunny had to work. He works a lot I have to say. It’s good and not so good. Just means he is not with me, and we are not out and about. I’m hoping we {Read More}

Pinstripe and Pearls

Earlier I was browsing instagram, by the way I changed my username, it is now ’emmiie_’ yeah I don’t like underscores, but there wasn’t much left to select from, and I am not crazy about using numbers, but anyway. I came a cross a post, one of the girls posted about being the class of 2013, and I thought wow, that sure did make me feel ancient LOL. In numbers anyway, not like I look it, or feel it, okay {Read More}