Z is for Zombieland #AtoZChallenge

Okay so this is my final edition of the A to Z Challenge, I can’t say I’m happy it’s ending, because I am happy, it felt too hmm stressful to have to get this done, on top of other things I wanted to do, but I did commit, and I try to finish what I start and I did, yay! Ok my choice was Zombieland, now I didn’t have many choices as far as films went with the letter Z, {Read More}

D is for Dawn of the Dead #AtoZChallenge

I just have to say that I just love to watch horror films, I’m fascinated currently with zombie films, even the cheesy ones. When it comes to the cheesy ones. I watch basically to make fun of the, and how badly they are made, but when they come out with some good ones, then I really look to see how realistic they look. Now I am not zombie expert, I know what I like, and today’s A to Z Challenge {Read More}

Happy Birthday William!

Here it comes again, another birthday for such a lovely, loving, caring, friendly, helpful, tender, realistic, thoughtful, guy I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thank you for coming into my life, you are the best ever!!! Well yes this is a special post for a really special guy, William! His birthday, which coincidentally falls on the same day my nephew Mike, so Happy Birthday to Mike as well. I love you sweety, and miss you like crazy. Come {Read More}

Trying It Out

Ok well I joined this website called managewp.com where you can manage more than one blog that is using wordpress. I thought I would give it a try as I have 3 blogs I cross post to, and I thought wow it would be great if I can write my blog once, and have it post to all 3 of my blogs at the same time. Do you know how much time that would save me, loads of time hehe. {Read More}

Happy Father’s Day

I know this is a day early, but I wanted to wish all the Father’s out there a very Happy Fathers Day. I am not very close with my father, and there has been issues in the past, so I can’t say I look forward to this day, although I am thankful to him and my mother for bringing me into this world. I know people are probably thinking “you aren’t sounding very grateful” so all I can say to {Read More}

Firefox 3 Is Out!

Yes!! The new Firefox is out and I installed it not too long ago. I really like the new look, sad thing is that some of my plugins don’t work, like IE Tab and Gmail Skins, and a few others but thats okay. I still like the new one. I was chatting to Chris online, and we were looking to see when the new version would be out, so we just looked around read a few articles, then I found {Read More}