Damages, Renovation, Broken Computer, Will This Ever End?

I don’t even know where to start. I guess at the beginning. Well, we have been living here for just about a year now. We love our house! It is a small house, we don’t have kids so it suits us for now. In the future sometime we may possibly move again. Okay so moving on to what is going on. First, it is the weather we had recently with extremely high winds, so windy that a lot of trees have fallen around town, including in our yard. We were home at the time this happened it must have been around 7 pm, I was in my hobby room as I usually am about that hour, and I hear this loud crash. I thought to myself, did a car just run into something outside, because I didn’t feel the house shake or anything, so a car running into the house was not possible. But still the sound was so loud, and my honey usually plays a little ps4 if he isn’t downstairs working on something, this particular day he was on the couch. Instinctively, I go out to make sure he is okay. He was fine, but we bother were wondering what the heck happened. We looked outside and we see this huge tree right outside our kitchen window, and further down we see the deck stairs missing. Honestly, we were very lucky that the tree didn’t crash down into the kitchen, or that would have been so bad. We were equally lucky that it didn’t fall on us. Oh my gosh that would have been horrible. (Visit https://transitionroofing.com/2017/10/26/put-safety-first/ to treat rooftops damages from extreme weather conditions). Check out the pictures below.

Ok so now we had that and the insurance to deal with, and any other little damages this tree caused. This occurred in March, and we are now in April. As of right now, the tree is finally gone, it was removed about 1.5 weeks ago. It came out in stages, first, all the branches were removed, then the tree itself was cut into sections, then they returned to remove everything but the stump. Then they returned yet again to dig the stump out and fill the hole. Sadly we will not have that tree for the shade over the deck, more of a reason to get a deck set lol.

Wow, right? In addition to being very lucky, it didn’t hit the house or us, we were equally happy that it did not fall the opposite way and hit the neighbors house. Overall, we really got lucky, but on that same note, we really didn’t want or need this problem. But it is what it is, and we have to deal with it accordingly.

That was dealt with and we moved on. Then pretty much about the same time, the tree issue came up, we had the leak from the tub, not only a leak but a crack as well. We were so upset about this. I mean first the tree, then the bathroom? We had someone come and check it, and we were told that tub would have to be replaced. We were bummed, to say the least. We decided that just the tub fixed was pointless, and we wanted to just have the whole bathroom redone, as the previous owners had this dark blue tile in the shower, and it just made the room darker, so we opted for white, but he was initially going to install a premade shower thing, I don’t know what you call it LOL, but it comes in 3 pieces. Well, when the worker began, he realized that the shower instructions didn’t make sense, as it was telling him to do 2 different things, and yeah its always good to read the instructions. So, in the end, he couldn’t put that in, so he said he will put in tile instead at no extra charge, which was awesome, so just today they are putting in the shower fixtures, he is also adding shelves for the linen closet in the bathroom, as the previous owners had shelves but on a bracket which started to bow inward, we wanted something much sturdier and prettier. I’ll add some pictures of how they completely gutted the bathroom to start from scratch. Here are some tips for frameless showers.

It is close to being done, so I am getting excited, had to go without a shower for a day or two, and then only baths, and then no access to the toilet due to the floor having been put in, so we stayed in a hotel for 2 days, the cats weren’t too excited, but we took their favorite blanket, to make them feel more at home, check out those pics below.

Aren’t they just the cutest ever? I think bringing along their favorite blanket helped so that they can feel comfy, and not become restless, however, being in a 1 room hotel did drive them a little bonkers, especially Lily, she loves going from window to window, at the hotel they only had one window to look out of. As for Daisy, she was chilling but I am sure they wanted to go back home. On the ride home Lily meowed, as usual, it breaks my heart to hear her meow, but Daisy oh my gosh that poor baby, got car sick and threw up, we were about 2 mins from the house so she had to stay in the throw-up. Now that just made me very sad but got her home, cleaned her up and they were finally back to normal by the evening.

Even so now as work is being done, they do have to stay in the bedroom, but at least it is familiar and comfortable for them. So that is all they really have to deal with.

Now as for my computer, I am waiting on a recovery kit, because at the time I got it, a recovery kit wasn’t sent with it, and it turned out costing $53 bucks damn MS!!! I have an error saying DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, some call it BSoD (Blue Screen of Death)! I have tried so many different things, and still, it is not fixing it. So all I can do now is focus on other things, and just use the laptop, for now, sadly it is only a 34 bit and the program I want to use to it’s fullest potential can only run on 64 bit so I have to do without for now.


It is a headache, I usually am able to fix my own computer but dang, now I am running into issues, and not knowing how to go about things lol. I feel useless *sigh*! It will get fixed one way or another. This post has gotten to be so long. I didn’t have an Easter, as there were so many tools and supplies laying around, I just couldn’t decorate. So now I am just decorating with spring things slowly. Next year I will be able to. It will all be worth it in the end, I can already tell it is looking beautiful, 90% done!

Alright before I go I just wanted to wish my little sister a Happy Birthday!!! I love you! Now with that said, I am going to close here. Be back with more updates!

xoxo Emily


  1. The joys of owning your own home! We are lucky in a way that we rent so when our shower leaked last week into our downstairs neighbours apartment all we had to do was go get the landlord who called the owner but I still am looking forward to owning a home some day! It sucks that you had so many issues all at once with the tree, your tub and computer. Hopefully everything’s straightened out.
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