Is It Age? Or Weight?

I have been asking myself lately whether it is my age or the extra weight my small frame is carrying around, that has really exhausted me from a few hours of shopping on Saturday. Today actually, we did our rounds at a few stores, and then headed home, we were out I would say maybe about 4 hours.

If I wasn’t typing and trying to write a blog, I probably could lay down, not sure if I will sleep, as I don’t like taking naps, I feel it messes with my night rest. However, lately my girls have woke me several times during the night, and they are relentless until they get what they want. So I get up and oblige so that my fiance can sleep, as he is the one that gets up early to go to work.

So all that is making me tired throughout the week, and by the time Saturday arrives, I am in no mood to go shopping, I am not about to let my fiance go alone. Besides, I do enjoy shopping, and finding great finds! For example, today we found some Birdseye cauliflower rice 10oz bag for $1, that is $1.48 less than Walmart, I think that was a great score!

Today I had a few things to do online, so I thought I would listen to some Zen Relaxation music from the music is described as “Japanese Shakuhachi and Chinese Dizi flutes, echoed with Tibetan chanting” it is such beautiful, peaceful, and calming music that can really relax you.

You should pop on over to the website an listne to some of the sample tracks.I need to take sometime on Monday, and get one of my many face masks, and relax, listen to this music and just enjoy the mask. I really need this for myself.

Off topic, but sometimes, I will get a this strange headache in the back left side of my head, almost behind my ear. My fiance says it is probably a tension headache, and yeah I think it just may be that.

Believe me it is no fun. I am learning to adapt. So I totally got off topic from the beginning of the blog post. The fact of being so tired, and not knowing if it is due to my age, or weight or perhaps a combination. A year ago I didn’t feel so tired after shopping. I am in my early 50’s so it is a possibliy that I am in fact old LOL. However, there are many people that never make it to my age, so in a way it is a blessing. If I hurt than I am alive! I’l admit, it does worry me a little. I am on a diet, so we will see how I feel in a few months, when I feel I have lost enough weight to feel a difference.

It is after 8 pm and it is time to go and relax with my fiance before bed. Plus he is wondering why it is taking me so long LOL. It is movie night, our choices are: Peppermint, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hunter Killer, Searching or Widows. Last weekend we watched Overlords, that was a good film. That is it for me for now, until next time.

xoxo Emily

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