Punxsutawney Phil Was Wrong!

When I first heard the news the day after Ground Hogs day I was excited that we were getting an early spring. I thought yay, finally we will get a decent Spring.

Today is March 10, 2019 and guess what? He was wrong!! Oh so wrong. Just earlier today it snowed a little, and last week we were dumped with 1 foot of snow. This is not Spring weather! I guess no one is perfect, right?

Hopefully the snow will now start to melt away and it will warm up, but right now, it is cold and I have my space heater on in my hobby room as it gets cold.

We are thinking – NO, we are, going to get an electric fireplace for the living room, we have a smaller one in the bedroom and it is so nice. I think we’ll save on the bills, with the electric fireplace, so the heater doesn’t have to go on all the time all over the house, in rooms no one is in lol. Don’t you find that a waste of heat? I kind of do. This one is beautiful, here is the link in case you are interested https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/zipcode-design-kohn-tv-stand-for-tvs-up-to-60-with-fireplace-w000459902.html?piid=1734932660 we love the color, the fact it has glass doors, to put our electronics in, and cabinets with glass, we wanted gray but they didn’t offer it, instead we went with a washed out white, which kind of looks gray, but we loved it, price was decent too.

We have our TV mounted to the wall, so we won’t have it on the cabinet. I am extra excited because now I have somewhere to put extra seasonal decorations

Today my computer chair broke, my big ass broke it! It was a cheap one, it looked nice but wasn’t up to my weight. So now I am in the market for a new stronger lol chair. I was really bummed out when it broke. I have been on a diet, gained .6 this last week, not a whole lot. My loss is slow but it had been going good. I kind of blame it on a friend for sending me some sweet treats. Okay it is my fault, I could have executed more resistance to all that tempted sweets lol. NO MORE, thank you I appreciate the thought. My will power sucks, what can I say.

Even though my big butt broke it, I decided to really pay attention to what these chairs are made from, especially for a plus size girl like me. Luckily enough I found one on he same website as the TV/Fireplace is sold on, for a decent price. Both items were ordered, and we get free shipping which is fantasic.

Lately, I have noticed UPS people are not as careful as they should be with delivering things, this has been an ongoing issue with employees in the last oh say 5 years to my knowledge probably more. So when this is going to be delivered you better bet I will be standing outside, watching them lol. And I will ask them to scoot it into the kitchen for me

I started this yesterday, so I best post it now. Have a great week everyone.

xoxo Emily

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