Spring, Rainy Easter, and DIYing

That sums it up. I love Spring don’t get me wrong, I loved it more when I lived in California and I was actually able to enjoy it heh. Spring here is different, it is wet lol. We get a lot of rain, a day or so of just cloudy days, and then a day or so of very sunny ideal Spring weather. I would never leave here without my honey, it is home regardless of the weather.

Moving along, below are some DIYs I did that I will talk about in my blog, they were so much fun to do. I had such awesome inspiration, and tutorials.

This Easter was raining and I hope the kids got to go somewhere it wasn’t raining to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt. Because I cannot picture them out in the rain looking for eggs. That does not sound like it would be fun. Hey, at least it is not snowing.

I have been a bit MIA lately. I was busy, to be honest. Rushing to get some Easter DIY decor projects done. Even though they look simple they do take up time. I’ll share a few pictures.

Before I get to that I just wanted to do a quick rant. I am currently using Filmora 9, and although it is extremely easy to use it is very irritating as well. I just did an upgrade. per usual it will tell you, you are in trial mode, I just need to log in. I tried to log in, and it says my password is wrong. I know for a fact it is not wrong. I have had this problem before with Filmora, and a few other little issues, which I hope were fixed in this upgrade. Since I tried 5 times I really tried 3, it has locked me out for an hour, isn’t that some shit.

Yeah, I am mad. I have spoken with customer service about another issue in the past, and that person was no help whatsoever. I eventually found the answer myself. You are probably asking, why don’t I just stop using it. I will tell you, 1) I paid for it, 2) another similar program that is harder to use, and hella more expensive. I am not going that route, for now, you all will have to deal with my rants from now and then. End of rant.

Back to my DIYing. The first picture I’ll show you is a cute egg project, I used all materials from Dollar Tree for the exception of the wood spools, that I bought on Amazon.

The eggs are plastic, I love that they are speckled, cutting the bottoms was a bit long-winded as I didn’t want to cut off too much and make them uneven, I also had the issue of the egg being hollow, after that the other problem I had was stenciling. I could not find my adhesive stencils, so I had to use plastic stencils, I had to literally cut out each letter, trace onto tape, cut the letter out and then stick that to the egg. The egg shape did make it hard, and this did not come out how I envisioned it. I didn’t have a choice of fonts, which was another reason I am not happy with it. I used black acrylic paint that I think I will redo with better stencils, but my time was limited. I initially painted them white, then I realized one egg was white, I should have gone with a gray, which I will do when I re-do the stenciling next year.

This is a cute little cloche I made from Dollar Tree products, the bunny was a gift from a friend, this came out so cute. The cloche will be up during Spring, I may replace the bunny with something else but I do like it, I wish I had two. The pictures are of the same bunny one is the front view and side view of the bunny.

This is a 3 tier tray I made from all Dollar Tree items again, the decor items on the 3 tier are also from Dollar Tree, the only thing that is not Dollar Tree related is the paint and glue I used to put it all together. I have another bird I want to add that I forgot to put in, but I will be adding a few more Spring items to the 3 tier tray.

This bunny topiary was my biggest project, but I do love how it came out, again all products from Dollar Tree, except the glue. I am keeping this out all Spring/Summer unless i make something else to replace it, I may add little lights to it, to make it look whimsical.

All these projects were inspired by either a YouTuber or something I saw on a website or store. The cloche was from YouTube DIYer Auntie Coo Coo, she does some very cute DIYs, the topiary bunny was from Chic on the cheap, another awesome YouTube DIYer. I love that YouTubers are so inspirational.

I think that is about it for me, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel, I don’t do a lot of DIYs, I do a lot of hauls from Dollar Tree, and other stores, a lot of nail related hauls, and some upcoming nail design videos, mostly stamping and things like that. Here is the link PrettyThingsRock. I hope you all had a fun and memorable Easter.

xoxo Emily

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