I Am So Guilty!

I have been MIA, I have been so busy, with getting married, then putting off the reception until this past weekend, and in between setting up my other YouTube channel, while still posting on my 1st YouTube channel, just super busy. I probably could have written a short blog, but I just couldn’t get around to it. Forgive me.

As I mentioned we got married in May, and this past weekend we had his family over for a BBQ (reception). It went really well, it was their first time visiting our quaint little home, and they loved it. The weather was great a little hot at times, but inside it was cooler, especially for Williams grandmother who is now my grandmother, she is quite a person, funny too.

They were so sweet and gave us wedding cards, and omgosh they were so generous, everyone was amazingly too generous which btw they didn’t have to give us anything. And the cards omgosh they are so beautiful. I am going to post the pictures of just the front of the cards to show you how beautiful they are. I plan on putting them into a special wedding album, or something special.

My family wasn’t here, it would have been too difficult for them to come here sadly, as they live in California. I think the two family members I would have wanted here the most is my Mom (God rest her soul), and my only sister. My sister lives in Las Vegas, rather far, she doesn’t like it but is trying to make it work. I do wish she lived closer. Maybe one day.

As for my new YouTube channel (NailFun4Me) don’t you love the name lol? I have always had a passion for all things nails, be it nail polish, stamping plates, nail art, acrylics nails, gels nails, glitter just about anything having to do with nails, I love.

On my YouTube channel, I will be swatching new polishes and/or collections I may have, do videos on manicures, to reviewing and demonstrating products, to nail-related mail or as we like to call it “nail mail” which is so much fun to do. I share what I find with everyone, and as I do on my other channel, I always provide links to where I purchase my products. I just want it to be fun!

On my 1st YouTube channel (PrettyThingsRock) it’s going to be dedicated to just about everything and anything else, the comes to mind. Shopping being one of them, however, I am currently on a no-buy timeout for a few weeks. Something came up, that forced me to go into a no-buy, I am sure a lot of you can relate. I will also do reviews and demonstrations. While keeping it fun!

So with that said, definitely pop into my new channel @ NailFun4Me I have a couple of videos up. Now that the reception is behind us, I can now focus on more nail related videos, yay so excited.

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