This section needed a face lift. The last time it was updated I was in England July 28, 2007 to be exact, and that is not where I am now. I have been back in the US for 5 years now. So I guess you can say a lot has happened in my life. I updated it in April 2011, and today I’m updating it again, today is September 16, 2013, I can be found in Massachusetts, USA.

In late 2008 I met the most amazing guy I have ever come across. We are now in a committed relationship for over 2 years! I am so very happy about that. William is an amazing guy, hes is so 100% supportive of just about everything that I do, and I in turn am supportive of all he does as well, that equals happiness for both of us.

So who am I? I’m Emily, I also go by Emmie online. I’m not married, and I don’t have children. I love social network websites, they definitely kill time and boredom. Are they a passing phase? Possibly, some may be. I make a profile and then return very rarely, is it because I want to claim a space somewhere? Possible! Lol. But the most active ones would have to be Facebook and Twitter, since I use Ping.fm, most of my other social network sites get updated as well, clever? hehe.

I live in Massachusetts with my boyfriend William, I lived in California most of my life, and 3 years in England. I absolutely love Massachusetts, a place I have wanted to visit, but I am living in it, yay! Go RedSox! I have a pet fish named Dexter, I hope to get a dog or cat this summer, I am hoping for a dog, wish me luck

I enjoy several things, lately I have been blogging more often, and making some extra cash with eBay which I’m really enjoying. I have several websites I run, my collective, where I hold all the websites I run can be found at thislove.nu,, my old collective website was kiss-me.org, I no longer have that either. I also had pixelfx.org, which started off as a tutorial website, but lack of time found it somewhat abandoned, and hasn’t been updated in ages, I finally gave it up, someone else owns it now.

I have list-me.com which is a web directory, I want to keep it, I just need to start clean and fresh because I don’t have the help to get it updated, if anyone is interested, please email me. Most of the websites I have are some type of fan listing. Last but not least I have iplugs.org, which is a plug website, feel free to plug your website on it.

What do I do when I’m not online, well it varies really, between watching sports with William, to visiting his family. All of my family is back in California, so I don’t have anyone but William here, so we visit his sister, Jaime, she has such a lovely family, the kids are crazy about William, he is so good with them.

When we are out & about, I try to remember to take my camera with me, so that I can take some random photographs, I have recently just published my photography website, which will probably just house random photos, but I love doing it, and wanted to display what I do. You can find that at lenscapture.org. I am by no means a professional, merely a baby amateur heh for lack of a better term.

We haven’t really had a chance to do much travelling which is something I really love to do, William works a lot, finances aren’t the best with the way the economy has gone, it’s difficult for not only us, but probably many, to go on vacations like they want, but we are saving a little here and there, and soon will plan a trip, maybe to Maine. We’ve had a few trips to Rhode Island, which has been awesome, seen a few historical places. woo!