Movie Challenge

In 2006 I challenged myself to watching 100 movies in a year and I surpassed that by 159 odd movies. In 2007 I did it again, I started on, Nov 15th 2007 I challenged myself to watching 150 movies, the year was a lot busier. 2006 challenge can be found here. 2007 challenge ended October 2008, I don’t plan on any more challenges, I just rate the films I watch now, that can be found here.


October 2008

Get Smart; Hancock; Norbit; Mirrors; Rest Stop; Rest Stop 2; The Incredible Hulk; The Onion Movie; The Strangers

September 2008

Rise of the Footsoldier; The Incredibles; The Golden Compass; Vacancy (2x); Fool’s Gold; Black Snake Moan; Stomp The Yard; The Last King of Scotland; The Italian Job; The Love Guru (2x); The Dark Knight (2x); Speed Racer; The Promotion; Stop-Loss; Spartan; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Dead or Alive; Disturbia; Deception; No Mans Land: The Rise of the Reeker; Just My Luck; Renaissance; Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer;

August 2008

Romeo and Juliet; Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control; Doomsday; Whatever happen to baby Jane?; Point Blank; College Road Trip; Forgetting Sarah; Wanted; Napoleon Dynamite; Solstice; The Reef; Cars; Funny Games; In Bruges;

July 2008

Never Back Down; Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay; The Forbidden Kingdom; The Tattooist; Meet Dave; The Fountain; Two For The Money; Smart People; School For Scoundrels; Notes on a Scandal; American Pastime; Prime; The Spiderwick Chronicles; He’s Was a Quiet Man; Felon; Ghetto; Nancy Drew; Wed Lock; A Mighty Heart; Black Irish; Outlaw; Wargames: The Dead Code; Deck The Halls; The Killing Floor; Definitely, Maybe; Step Up 2: The Streets; The Invisible; Dark Floors; 21; Catacombs; Chaos; Superhero Movie; Boarding Gate; Lord of War;

June 2008

Suspension; Eastern Promises; Mindhunters; Euro Trip; What Happens In Vegas…; The Chair; Clean Break; Waiting…; Layer Cake; Beowulf; Shutter; The Cry; The Entrance; Night Of The Living Dead 3D; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Henry and June; Prom Night; London to Brighton; Right at Your Doorstep; The Fear Chambers; Step Up; Basic Instinct 2; The Ruins; Donnie Darko; The Happening; The Hole; Pathology; All The Boys Love Mandy Lane; Miss Conception; Click;

May 2008

Teeth; Doomsday; Days of Darkness; Death Sentence; King Kong; The Four Horsemen; Before The Devil Knows Your Dead; P.S. I love you; Diary of The Dead; All I Want; Over Her Dead Body; My Moms New Boyfriend; National Treasure: Book of Secrets; There Will Be Blood; Bee Movie; Hero Wanted; Grandma’s Boy; Semi Pro; Street Kings; The Signal; The Oxford Murders; Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd; Kevin & Perry Go Large;

April 2008

The Sick House; Tooth and Nail; Five Across The Eye; The Attic; Nightmare Man; Horton Hears A Who!; The Crush; One Missed Call; Casino Royale; Paris Je’taime; This Is England; They Wait; The Deaths Of Ian Stone; Lars and The Real Girl; Dead Water; The Tripper; Untraceable; War

March 2008

Lake Dead; We Are Soldiers; Sweeney Todd; Paranoid Park; The Valley Of Elah; The Brave One; Hackers; Rambo; The Shepard Border Patrol; Grizzly Park; Conspiracy; The Rage; See No Evil; The Mist; The Eye; Dead Silence; Joshua; Awake; Five Across The Eye; The Nanny Diaries; Killer Pad; Vantage Point; The Astronaut Farmer; Unearthed; Perfect Hideout; Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift;

Feb 2008

AvP: Requiem; 300; Sleep Away Camp II; The Brothers Grimm; Juno; Fido; Blood Diamond; The Kingdom; Boogeyman 2; American Pie: Beta House; Hitman; Shrooms; Surfs Up; Run, Fatboy, Run; Day Of The Dead; We Own The Night; Deja Vu; No Country For Old Men; Alvin & The Chipmunk; Gone, Baby Gone;

Jan 2008

And Then Came Love; 9 Tenths; The Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants; My Brother; Shrek The Third; Monster Night; The Contractor; Sublime; Closing Escrow; The Flying Scotsman; Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj; Pucked; Shaun Of The Dead; Dawn Of The Dead; Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus; Dog Soldiers; Meet The Robinsons; Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny; What Lies Beneath; I am Legend; Right at Your Door; 30 Days of Night; Wrong Turn 2: Dead End; Lake Placid 2; Cloverfiled; The Condemed;

Dec 2007

Waitress; 21 Grams; Superbad; A Scanner Darkly; Ratatouille; Blades Of Glory; The Invasion; Return To The Haunted House; Mr. Woodcock; Secretary; Blow; Shooter; It; In America;

Nov 2007

Saw IV; Catch and Release; 8mm; Black Hawk Down; Palindromes; House of Flying Daggers; Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix; Catch and Release; Hairspray; Gummo; Shattered; Born on the Fourth of July; Good Luck Chuck; Just Friends; The Girl Next Door; Down To You; The Gymnast;