Past Challenges (Nov 06′ – Nov 07′)

I have already completed my first year for the movie challenge and I am quite pleased with it. I watched 249 movie during the Nov 9 2006 up until Nov 9 2007. Below is my record of what movies I watched.

Nov 2006

Saw 2; Boys On The Side; Nutty Professor; Species 2; High Tension; Saw 3; Death Tunnel; The Green Mile; Artificial Intelligence; Surviving Christmas; LOTR: Return Of the King; Bound; Raising Arizona; Land of the Dead; About a Boy; The Hills Have Eyes; 40 Year Old Virgin; Volcano; Pleasantville; Road Kill; White Chicks; Gozu; Very Bad Things; Cry Wolf;

Dec 2006

Changing Lanes; Madagascar; United 93; Arlington Road; Domestic Disturbance; She’s the Man; Hush; Silent Hill; School of Rock; American Haunting; Kinky Boots; The Lakehouse; The Woodsman; Blue Streak; In The Line Of Fire; Serial Killing 101;

Jan 2007

World Trade Center; United 93; Predator 2; The Hills Have Eyes; Band Camp; Saw 3; Hard Candy; Silent Hill; Stay Alive; TCM: The Beginning; Turistas; The Decent; Exorcism of Emily Rose; Hackers; Contact; Black Dahlia; Brokeback Mountain;

Feb 2007

Ice Age 2; Butterfly Effect; Secret Window; The Wickerman; Snakes On A Plane; Red Eye; Slither; The Guardian; Dawn of the Dead; Butterfly Effect 2; Desperation; Grim Reaper 2007; The Dead Girl; The Hitcher; The Gravedancers ROTLD: Rave to the Grave; Polar Express; The Marine; ROTD: Necropolis; The Departed; The Tooth Fairy; The Grudge 2; War Of The Worlds; When A Stranger Calls; Trailer Park Boys; Wolf Creek; Flags Of Our Fathers; Jar Head;

March 2007

In Her Line Of Fire; The Covenant; A Dead Calling; Are You Scared; Beneath Still Waters; Black Christmas; Employee Of The Month; Fallen Angles; First Born; Flight Plan; Hitcher II; Mortuary; Night skies; 8th Plague; Dead Mary; Severed; The Zodiac; The Dark Hours; Saw; Lady In The Water; POTC: The Curse Of The Black Pearl; Night At The Museum;

April 2007

88 Minutes; A History of Violence; Because I Said So; Blood and Chocolate; Charlotte’s Web; Code Name The Cleaner; Cult; Dark Corners; Dark Ride; Flicka; For Your Consideration; Freedom Writers; Ghost Rider; Half Nelson; Lets Go To Prison; The Abandoned; The Cave; The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning; The Quiet; The Return; Troubled Waters; Unaccompanied Minors; Unidentified; Until Death; Venom; Devils Highway; POTC: Dead Mans Chest;

May 2007

The Good Shepard; The Night Listener; The Nun(La Monja); Rinne (Reincarnation); Prey; Addison’s Wall; Freedomanland; Warriors of Terra; Diary of a Cannibal; The Hills Have Eyes II; Alpha Dog; Android Apocalypse; Mr. Bean’s Holiday; Gwoemul (The Host); The Pumpkin Karver; Wicked Little Things; White Noise 2: The Light; Voodoo Man; 28 Weeks Later; The Craft; Alone with Her; 10 Things I Hate About You; Manic; Epic Movie; Thr3e; Ultimate Killing Machine; Stranger Than Fiction; Brick; Disturbia; Freeway; Fracture; Miss Potter; The Messengers; Apocolypse Now;

June 2007

Gridiron Gang; The Notorious Bettie Page; Death Becomes Her; Wishmaster; Hostel II; Shaun Of The Dead; The Ex; In A Day; Next; Stay; First Snow; Norbit; Running with Scissors; Vacancy; The Hazing; Spiderman 3; If Only; Haunted Forest; Left In Darkness; Beauty Shop; Big Bad Wolf; Brady Bunch Movie; Thin; Crank; Wrong Turn; Cabin Fever

July 2007

It’s a Boy Girl Thing; Double Jeopardy; The Tomb; Hannibal; Slow Burn; Alone In The Dark; The Reaping; Oceans 11; Penny Dreadful; Halloween: Resurrection; Number 23; Buffalo ’66; Dick Tracy; After Dark Horrorfest: Unrest; Happy Feet; Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon;

August 2007

Afterdark Horrofest: The Hamilitons; Are We Done Yet?; The Lookout; Hellraiser; Hellraiser II; Premonition; Captivity; Letters From Iwo Jima; The Simpsons Movie; Idle Hands; Frequency; Wind Chill;

September 2007

1408; Provoked; Anna’s Storm; Apocalypto; Bridge To Terabithia; Evan Almighty; Superbad; Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone; Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets; High School Musical; Illegal Aliens; The Darkroom; The Illusionist; The Ultimate Gift; Malcolm X; Zodiac; Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban; Knocked Up; The Interpreter; Breach; Plasterhead; Son of Sam

October 2007

Civic Duty; Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer; Lucky You; Open Season; Zyzzyx Rd.; Resident Evil: Extinction; Transformers; Species: The Awakening; Bug; Planet Terror; Smokin’ Aces; Hatchet;

November 2007

Rocky Balboa; I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry;