Let’s see, I’ve had for close to three years now. When I decided to get and, I wanted something neutral, and I thought and thought, and this popped into my head, it was very neutral, now I’m thinking maybe too neutral? Lol I don’t know, but it’s plain, it states I am female, so that was enough for me.

This website is hosted by hostaffect, most of my domains are, but once this year runs its course, I’m moving them to the reseller, and save some ‘cha ching’! Yes, money! Hostaffect is a really good company, but very pricey also, too pricey that I decided to move away from them. They have gone through changes, I’ve seen them change owners, but they only got bigger and better. Plans changed but that’s cool, I got to keep whatever plan I originally started with, and I will do so until I decide I not longer want to be with them.