Is It Age? Or Weight?

I have been asking myself lately whether it is my age or the extra weight my small frame is carrying around, that has really exhausted me from a few hours of shopping on Saturday. Today actually, we did our rounds at a few stores, and then headed home, we were out I would say maybe about 4 hours. If I wasn’t typing and trying to write a blog, I probably could lay down, not sure if I will sleep, as {Read More}

Review: Flips Audio HD Headphones

Hey everyone! So I am doing a review for you and an unboxing, I wanted to share my personal opinion on this product. This review is for Flips Audio headphones that flip to powerful speakers, you can check them out at I am really excited about doing this review, before getting these headphones, I had purchased another pair of headphones. Definitely NOT HD or anything like these, so it was fun to compare them to myself. I was given {Read More}

Listening To My Tweets! Pretty Cool, Hey?

I was browsing earlier today, and found an app on my Android phone, that allows me to listen to my tweets, I was like ‘no way???’, so I went to look and read, and decided to download it, and here I am writing my blog, as I listen to what’s being tweeted on my timeline, isn’t that just too cool? Hah, I thought so. If you are interested check them out at The Social Radio, it’s kind of funny, because {Read More}

30 Days Of Truth – Day 13: A Band Or Artist That Has Gotten You Through Some Tough Ass Days

This 30 DOT is a really super hard one, because I have never really turned to music for comfort in situations, I feel odd saying that, because I know a lot of people do. I guess I’m the odd one then. I think listening to music would depress me more than lift my spirits, funny I know, but I feel that is true for myself. I’m going to give myself some time to think about this, but honestly I don’t {Read More}

East Coast Preparing!

This is rather a little scary on my part, because honestly I have never been in an area, direct area pretty much of a hurricane, and I’m hearing his one is going to be pretty bad, probably worse in some areas, but today we were out, and people are really buying stuff to be prepared. Survival type of stuff, I mean we picked up a few things as well like an ice chest, since we didn’t have one, as the {Read More}

Crappy Monthly Monster!

I needed to change the Valentine’s Day theme, so I decided to put this up, even though it’s dark, I still liked it, it’s Victorian Dark I hope that background don’t make you dizzy :cute: So it suits my mood right now. Which if you are paying attention to my twitters lol you can tell the monthly monster has arrived, and omgosh it’s horrible. My moods are so out there, quick changes, sad, happy I hate being a woman sometimes. {Read More}

Upgraded 2.5.1

Yeah I’m happy to say I have finally upgraded to 2.5.1 and watch tomorrow we’ll have another upgrade haha well you just never know. I’m also happy to say I have renewed hosting here, so is going to be around for another two years, unless I sell it to someone else which I intend to because I did mention I wanted to buy another domain. But at least my hosting is in place, and i turned out downgrading my {Read More}