I Am So Guilty!

I have been MIA, I have been so busy, with getting married, then putting off the reception until this past weekend, and in between setting up my other YouTube channel, while still posting on my 1st YouTube channel, just super busy. I probably could have written a short blog, but I just couldn’t get around to it. Forgive me. As I mentioned we got married in May, and this past weekend we had his family over for a BBQ (reception). {Read More}

Review: Flips Audio HD Headphones

Hey everyone! So I am doing a review for you and an unboxing, I wanted to share my personal opinion on this product. This review is for Flips Audio headphones that flip to powerful speakers, you can check them out at www.FlipsAudio.com. I am really excited about doing this review, before getting these headphones, I had purchased another pair of headphones. Definitely NOT HD or anything like these, so it was fun to compare them to myself. I was given {Read More}

A Little Extra!

So I guess you probably figured out I get paid to blog a post here and there. It’s pretty easy, and I do have a lot of fun doing it, because I discover so many new things, and I get to share all with my readers, even if you are all a little shy to leave a comment, which is perfectly okay with me. I’ll just babble on as I usually do I like to write about interesting things, and {Read More}