It’s Fall Ya’ll, Finally!

I was beginning to wonder when Fall would actually hit us here in Massachusetts, at least where we are. And yes it is here, it is cold and my hands are drying up faster now. I have to continuously moisturize them or they can get bad, same with my legs and arms. This is our first Fall in our new home, it is so super exciting. We get lots and lots of leaves fall in the backyard, my honey mows {Read More}

Happy Mother’s Day!!~

Wow it comes so quickly, it’s like a slap in the face *bam* it’s Mother’s Day hehe. It’s NOT a bad thing, not at all, time just flies so quickly, I think the older we get, the faster it speeds by us. So anyway moving on. I hope all the mothers out there are having a lovely day. There are those that have lost their mothers, including myself, believe me she is never out of my mind, I think of {Read More}

Holidays Roll In

Looks like it’s finally that time of the year, when the Holidays roll in and just pop up one after another. Are you ready? I’m not sure if I am. I think I am. I’ve gotten a head start on getting Williams Christmas gifts so I’m happy with that, his birthday passed in October so that is taken care of. First is Thanksgiving, we aren’t making our own, we’re going to his Uncles/Aunts house for Thanksgiving dinner. I have never {Read More}