Do Gadgets Run Your Life?

I’ll be the first to say, I my gadgets, but do they run my life?? No, not really, but we are dependent on them, to make life easier, quicker and be social without really being social, LOL. Does that make sense?? It does in my head. How many of you find yourself taking your phone to the restroom, when you really shouldn’t?? *raises hand*, yeah I admit it, I can’t help it, I should take a magazine lol. Reading should {Read More}

30 Days Of Truth: Day 17: A Book You’ve Read That Changed Your Views On Something

I don’t read as much as I should to be quite honest. I think we all should read more than watching TV or being online, although a lot of people read online, so I suppose that is reading in a form. When I say read, I mean away from the computer, but then again on that note. I use my NOOK heh. Which makes it easier to hold if it’s a thick book I’m reading, or hardcover, those can be {Read More}

30 Days Of Truth – Day 13: A Band Or Artist That Has Gotten You Through Some Tough Ass Days

This 30 DOT is a really super hard one, because I have never really turned to music for comfort in situations, I feel odd saying that, because I know a lot of people do. I guess I’m the odd one then. I think listening to music would depress me more than lift my spirits, funny I know, but I feel that is true for myself. I’m going to give myself some time to think about this, but honestly I don’t {Read More}