Doomsday Preppers – Should You Be Worried Too?

The other day, we didn’t have much to watch on TV, so we decided to browse ONdemand (absolutely love this, we’re able to catch up with shows we may have missed) and see what shows are out there that we never seen. So one night we were looking through the networks, and stumbled on a TV show called Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic channel. Who are they? What are they all about. Well long before we stumbled on this TV show, we had stumbled on a few others withe similar topics. I have to say, I didn’t really pay much attention, although it did spark an interest in both our minds. We got really curious.

As time passed, and we kept seeing more and more. So naturally we would watch this stuff. I don’t know for sure if anything will happen, there are people that have their predictions, and so forth. Does it worry me, sure it does. Why wouldn’t it. Hey I would want to be one of the ones that survive. I don’t know if I would go to the lengths of some of these people, although on their defense I have to say it is a TV show, and it’s all entertainment right? Yeah? Probably? Could be. Watch this video of one prepper, and what he has done to help himself get prepared.

I personally feel, if this was on the level, any truth to it, why in heavens would they show their faces on TV, the one place that thousands of people can see them, identify them? Does that even make sense?

If I was a true doomsday prepper, I would NOT be telling anyone about what I am doing. I wouldn’t be that stupid to put a big fat red target on my ass or my boyfriends for that matter. It would be something kept between myself and those few I decide to tell. I can just see our home being raided by people that are hungry, because we were foolish enough to go on TV and talk about it.

So you see, everything (almost everything) we see on TV about this, is for entertainment purposes. What else would it be? Could it be someone warning us? Giving us some information to ponder? That is really up to you. Now there are people that are worried about the economy, and go to lengths to store extra food for themselves in the event that there was an economic collapse and the store shelves emptying out in a matter of hours. Would this really happen? Anything is possible. Would you want to be prepared? I’m still curious, and I’ll probably continue watching the shows, and who knows, maybe I’ll start prepping myself.


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