SunOne UV/LED 48w Nail Curing Lamp ~ Powerful Small Lamp

I have tried other UV/LED lamps before and this is by far the best, I love the 5-second cure option, and the fact that I can switch from 48watts to 24 watts if I wanted, it is low heat as well which is awesome for those that don’t like those heat spikes that some UV/LED lamps will emanate. This lamp is the ultimate UV/LED lamp that you will ever need as it is a powerful lamp, in a small size, excellent for small desk areas, and it works great for me because my work area is very limited in size, but I don’t have to limit myself to a mini lamp power, when I can have a small lamp with a lot of power. I am so over the moon with this lamp. It also has a 30, and 60 sec option, it is auto-shut off, there are 2 infra-red sensors that allow the light to turn on once you place your hand into the lamp. I wouldn’t advise putting in two hands, one hand at a time, and I love the fact it will cure all angles of your hand or foot, YES you can put your foot in this lamp as well. It will not only cure all soak-off gels but also UV Gels, LED Gels and Builder Gels, how can you not want to buy this lamp? You will not be disappointed, I wasn’t.

As for the ModelOnes Gel Polishes, they are easy to apply, so many colors and variety of styles available. I love all their gel polishes, you must check them out at ModelOnes and see all their gorgeous gels.

I have a full review and demonstration on my YouTube channel linked below if you want to check it out. I love this lamp cannot say enough good things about it, shipping is fast, customer service is excellent!

I hope you take some time to check out this incredibly awesome lamp, it is my go to lamp now.

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