30 Days Of Truth: Day 16: Someone Or Something You Definitely Could Live Without

It’s about time to get back to 30 Days of Truth, I spread them out so they don’t seem so repetitive, this question is similar to the last one in a way isn’t it? Although with this question I am not going to just try to pick one thing, it’s going to be generalised, basically I can live without many things, such as Hate and Racism being at the top of the list, I can include Taxes, Depression, Suicide, Child Pornography, you kind of see where I am going now? I think a lot of people would agree with that. Food wise, I would say Liver, as I don’t like it that much, actually I don’t like it at all, I don’t eat it. But then I thought, if my food supply was cut off, and that is all I had to sustain my life, then you bet I would eat it lol.

Day 16: Someone Or Something You Definitely Could Live Without

Let me take a stab at ‘Someone’ I could definitely live without I would say a man I met some time ago, I don’t talk to him anymore, Steve. I would say he is someone I can live without, and be happy about it. I feel the man could of been a good person, but isn’t in my book. He was a minister, and believe me his behavior shows the contrary. I’m glad he is not in my life anymore, and hope whomever comes across him, sees who he really is, and knows to run the other way. I know that may be harsh, and I tried to keep things at a minimum about what he’s done. But I did want to make a point about his name, because I’m sure he probably has come to my website at times, not 100% sure about that now, but it’s a high possibility.

I never thought I could say that about a person, but anyone that does not enrich my life, I can do without. I try to forgive people, I know it’s a very difficult thing to do, but it doesn’t mean I need to have them around me to continuously remind me why I can’t forgive then lol, makes sense hey?. I think that’s the best way I can say it, without being over dramatic hehe. Ok well I guess that’s all for now, I really can’t think of what else to add, except for what I have already. I think it makes a person think though. Is there something or someone you definitely could live without? What is it? Give me one thing, that’s enough. I’m just curious Have a great day!


  1. Glad to hear you’ve gotten rid of this negativity in your life.

    Been meaning to mention what a powerful, soul searching 30-day project this is that you are doing. Good for you for being able to be so honest with yourself.
    Emme Rogers recently posted ..Photogenic Feline Friday: Queen of the Wilds

  2. Heh that’s really interesting that you decided to name Steve and not say why you dislike him! I think I personally would have done the opposite so that the person could make an educated guess that it was about them while letting every one else see why I could live without them, you’re more brave than me hehe x

  3. I agree with you that we could all live without things like mental illnesses and pornography and the like. I’d like to add emotions such as greed, superiority complex, jealousy etc. to the list too. How about murder, theft, violence and so on. As far as people go, I think there are people in all our lives whom we could do without; I try to see the positive influence in people but when I have to dig so deep down that it’s draining my energy then it becomes not worth it. The question is: Why do we women feel guilty when kicking someone to the side?
    Rhia at http://dr-rhia.blogspot.com/2012/02/why.html
    Rhia Roberts recently posted ..Why…?

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