Days Of Truth: Day 8

Well it was about time I did another DOT, I’m only on day 8, so I still have a ways to go.

Day 8: Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Wow there have been a few people that pretty much made my life a living hell or treated me like shit. But in all honesty this one person left a mark on me, not only a physical mark but an emotional one that I have been overcoming thanks William! I won’t go into much details and I won’t give names either to protect their privacy, and reduce the risk of arguments down the line.

I was with this person for a few years, it was a bad time in my life, this person did comfort me at that time, but the comfort turned into resent me and pretty much hate. I heard it, I seen it, I felt it. I don’t 100% blame this person, or maybe I should, not sure, I try not to think of it much. But this person had their own problems growing up, and unfortunately it scarred that person as well. So in some ways I do forgive, I will of course never forget.

I remember during the first year with William, things came up that I automatically thought were suppose to be one way but didn’t necessarily have to be. But all that happened because of what I went through with the person I was around at the time. It was absolutely damaging to me, even after I was gone, the person couldn’t admit that I was damaged because of them, and probably would never admit it, but that’s okay. I know it was them. Even William knows how I reacted to certain things, and he was pretty much really upset about it, but it was the past and we were trying to change how I thought. I have a lot to be thankful for, William is making such a great impact in my life.

I still keep in contact with said person, they are involved with someone new, and I hope them much success, I just hope said person has changed things about their ways, so they have have better relationships. I’m not saying I was a princess to be around, I had my faults I will be the first to admit, but the emotional damage I endured is hard to forget, I don’t honestly think I will never forget, but I’m moving on.

Side note, if said person ever reads this, I am sorry but this is how I feel/felt about things. I kept your name out of it, and hope you appreciate that. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

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