Mother’s Day, Eloping, & More Rain

The last few days have been so nice, I wish that weather was happening over the weekend, so my honey can enjoy it, plus he has outside work he wants to do, and he hasn’t been able to because of the rain, that comes every few days, blah.

Happy Mother’s Day! This is my 17th Mother’s Day I will be missing without my mom, God Rest her soul, and may she be reunited with her parents and her cat Juliet. I miss her so much!! Mom I love and miss you!

Last year we set a date to get married, we chose May 16, 2019. We had no intentions of having a big wedding, as we are past that time in our lives, even though we have not been married prior to getting together. So it is essentially our first. Which is nice because we want it to be our one and only. Come July 2nd we will be together for 10 years, and when we set a date, we wanted to keep it in that month. So no real preparations were made. We are going to elope (no Vegas wedding lol). Just going to city hall, with our rings and tying the proverbial knot, yay go us!

So we planned it for the end of the month, we obviously haven’t told anyone, and by the time anyone reads this, it will probably have happened already lol. I am content with it. Yes, my dream was to have a big wedding, but that has fizzled out over time, my age for one, and the fact the most important person beside William, my mom is not going to be here. I thought eloping would be best.

It had been planned since last year. Anyway, 2 days after we get married is my honey’s graduation party. Honestly, the party is more for the graduate and friends. However, I still feel we may go we are going to go and stay a while, we wanted the whole 3 day weekend to ourselves. Does this mean it is not eloping?

I think that is it for now, oh yes William finally got his shed put up, it is very nice and it has a workbench and a little loft mostly for storing things, but he is happy with it. I’ll add a few pictures.

It is empty in the photos but not anymore He has only his stuff in there, and the patio furniture cushions.

Yesterday was beautiful weather, we BBQ’d sat out on our new deck furniture, and today is like the complete opposite, yesterday’s high was 72, todays is 44 and raining all day. The whole week is not going to be kind to us, raining, come Thursday it will be cloudy but in the 60’s so I am sure it will be a bit humid. Eventually we will put the a/c’s up on the windows. No we don’t have central air sadly. But the window a/c’s work great!

That is about it. I am going to go relax with my honey the rest of Mother’s Day, sit with my girl, Daisy & Lily, and just enjoy my time with William. I hope everyone is having a good Sunday wherever you are. Until next time

xoxo Emily

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