August Julep Maven Box 2012, Yay!

I’ve talked about Julep Maven before, in one of my older posts here, if you are interested in knowing more about it, please click the link, and read up! Briefly, Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that has a few different options or packages that you can have delivered to you free of charge, the shipping is free that is heh. The monthly subscription is $14.00 per month, yes it’s a bit pricey, it’s probably one I should really cancel heh. But the fun part about it is, the more people I tell about it, the more chances I get of earning a free credit, and I have. I first started sharing on YouTube, and now I brought it to my blog. My August box was free because I did earn the credits I needed for the box. So I am super happy about it. I would be so very much appreciative if you would consider joining.

The cool thing about this subscription is, Julep Maven will send you your very first box FREE!! You are reading that correctly, I said free. So how can you pass that up. They have amazing nail polishes, and many other products. So if you would be so kind as to use my referral link, I would be so happy as you will be helping me get a credit. Honestly it’s a win win situation for both of us. I get a credit, and you get free nail polish.

After you tried their service with the ‘Penny Deal’, as I call it, then you can cancel, or continue getting their fabulous products! How does the penny deal work? When you are about to check out, put in the promo code: PENNY, to get the great penny deal! For more details and more photos of last months Julep Maven, check out this link I’ll leave you with my video. Hope you enjoy, and have a great rest of the weekend!

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