We Are Moving!! Yes We Are!

How exciting is that? We are finally moving. I think I have talked about it many times, then it didn’t happen, but this time it is going to happen. We are locked into a house, and we are so so very excited. Not saying much more, apart from that I will be very busy packing, and the first room I am currently working on is the hobby/storage/nail/crafting room lol. Just about everything is in here, so I have a big job ahead of me.

I am going to try to keep up with my YouTube videos, and blogging while I do this, but as you can see it has been awhile since I posted on my blog. Hopefully, I don’t make the gaps to big in between blogging. I think I will try to get a handful of videos made and uploaded so that I can post them over a time period, while we get set up. Moving is going to be a process, I am just beginning to pack, and I can see I will be very busy and will have tons of boxes. Oh boy!

I have had a few videos posted since the last time I shared any, so I will try to squeeze them in there for you all. I am most excited about a recent Dollar Tree haul I did. I finally went and bought the Mini Fairy Garden items, check this video out.

The Mini Fairy Garden pieces are so adorable! I won’t be making my Fair Garden while here, I am going to wait until we are moved into the new house. I don’t have anywhere to put it here, nor do I have the time to do it. So that is one of the first projects I will work on after we are settled into the new house, or maybe while I am unpacking. I forsee a lot of work.

Apart from Dollar Tree, we headed over to Staples since it was next to Dollar Tree, and we picked up a few items on clearance. You should seriously visit Staples clearance, they always have awesome things. We picked up like 12 Cynthia Rowley erasers, they are really pretty.

Picked these #cynthiarowley erasers at #staples for .30 cents each, how pretty right? #clearance

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Check out the haul video here!

They are pretty~! I am currently working on posting two other videos, and record a few before I go back to packing. Did I mention my honey is sick? He is, he has been home for the past 2 days, I believe it is a flu he is fighting, but now I am getting sick. That was bound to happen. So I am going to start taking medicine as well. Pray that we kick this soon, as we have a lot of packing to do. Thank goodness it is only a 2 bedroom Townhouse we need to pack. This room is probably the biggest job!

I think I will close here, until next time!

xoxo Emily

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