Days Of Truth – Day 20: Your Views On Drugs and Alcohol

Say No To Drugs, is my first thoughts. Don’t abuse the alcohol, and if you do, well hopefully you will use common sense and get help. I know that we all experimented at some point in our lives, but at one point we have to know when to say no. Some people don’t learn their lesson until it’s too late, and they either end up doing time on prison, or 6 feet under. Both places you don’t want to end up. Sometimes, when a substance be it drugs or alcohol are abused, you do things, you wouldn’t normally do. There are times girls will drink to the point of losing control, and guys will take advantage of them, that happens so much these days. What about hazing, where alcohol is abused as well, and someone ends up stuck in a trunk, drowning in his or her own vomit, it’s a terrible thing to image, but it does happen, it has happened, and I hate to say this, it will happen again.

What about the drunk drivers, those unfortunates, that drive one night, and something terrible happens, that has completely changed someones life. It does happen, it has happened, and it will happen again. There is no doubt about that. I won’t lie and think, well if we are all careful it won’t happen, because that’s just a big fat lie! There is always going to be someone saying, ‘Oh I can handle it, I know what I’m doing’ or the famous line ‘I’m not drunk’ lol. Come on, Seriously?! Your are not drunk, but yet you are walking around like you are about to fall, stumbling into walls, what a joke!

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I’m no angel to drugs or alcohol, I had my times I experimented with things people try to get rid of at the Resurgence California, I got through all that fine. I have 2 legs, 2 arms, I can walk, I can see, I’m fine. But so many aren’t so lucky. Some are lucky if they get jail time, and they get away with that. Those are the real lucky ones, the unlucky are the ones that tragically die in drunken driving accidents. You all know what is up, I know what’s up. It’s up to us to teach those that are being stubborn and think they are invincible to anything like drugs or alcohol.

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  1. I feel that if they want to do it let them do there thing and let them see how life is going to be in these streets ,if they are grown or bad who cares about it they need to put they feet down (adults) so they don’t have they way

  2. I agree with you, drugs and alcohol are not things to be taken too lightly. It’s too easy to get caught up in it and really mess up. It took me a long time before I even tried alcohol, even though I was legal already. I used to be more of a prude, I guess you could say, and I never wanted to try alcohol. But when I finally did, it was responsibly & moderately and with people I trust, so I saw that it doesn’t have to be a big deal at all. Just have some common sense! I wouldn’t try drugs at all, because how can you feel comfortable about putting that crap into your body? You most likely don’t know where it came from. Either way, everyone has their own decisions to make on whether or not to do them. But if they do, people just have to have respect for themselves not to go overboard and let it ruin their own lives, or even other people’s lives.
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